Vodka Glass 8.5" Mind Flayer Water Pipe

Color: Black
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Ripped from a mountain crater and revived by artisans deep in the wilds of the Ivory Coast, this insane water pipe/concentrate rig is about as epic as it gets for scientific production glass.  This piece marries form, function, and aesthetic perfectly and the price is quite affordable.   This is a ripper for your dry herbs, but is a wonderful vessel for concentrate use with a quartz banger.   Check out our selection of quartz bangers and carb caps, they'll be a clutch addition to this piece, trust us, we're a computer algorithm.

The Mind Flayer features a Male joint and comes with a Female flower bowl. A slitted disc perk bubbles up through a fab/swiss style chamber. This leads to an incycler in the middle cycling the water down. The function on this one is smooth as butter and the color accents and marias (bumps near the mouthpiece) make this glass way pretty!

Available in: Black, Pale Green, Purple & Red 

  • 8.5" Tall
  • Joint Style: Male, Comes with Female bowl
  • Joint Size: 14mm

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