Ugly House - DKMY Rolling Tray

Design: Pink
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Get Freshly Baked with Ugly House Rolling Trays!

These trays are dope AF and make the atmosphere in your sesh spot feel so homey and beautiful.   Don't even think about it, snap up one right now for yourself and another for your homie or partner, because you got a heart of gold and we both know that.  

  • 7 light colors
  • Lights up for 4 hours
  • Comes in 3 different colors

How to Use:

  • Press Power button for 1 second to turn on; hold button down for 3 seconds to turn off
  • Double press button while powered on to activate the 7-color circulation; press once during color circulation to switch to single-color mode; continue pressing to change color.
  • When powered, LED light will show a red lightning sign to show low battery; when the lightning symbol turns purple, it's at full charge.

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