RAW Camouflage Metal Rolling Tray

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Trays are bad as fuck, you know it, they know it and my grams knows it too.   Our assortment of trays has so many different vibes, it's like a fucking crazy person with multiple personalities just started barfing pop culture on the floor and then did snow angels in that shit, or puke angels.  Whatever the case, get yourself a new tray like this hitter right here.  Limited drops, so snap yours up before someone else does!  

I see you, go ahead, take out that debit card and become a legend, or at least impress a few of the homies with your new tray.  Don't forget a grinder too, you can't have peanut butter without the jelly homie.

  • Large
  • 1 Count 
  • L 10.8” X W 6.8” X H 1”

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