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Puretane's premium butane is triple refined through fractional distillation and then filtered 11 times for maximum purity. Puretane doesn't stop there, to preserve the highest purity of the butane gas, Puretane N-Butane is packaged in food grade aluminum cans. These aluminum cans have a BPA-free plastic lining that protects the gas from contamination, such as corrosion and the toxic manufacturing lubricants typically found in conventional steel butane cans.

Puretane's aluminum cans are also recyclable, simply puncture the empty can and toss it in your recycling bin along with your soda pop cans. You’ve probably heard about other brands of butane coming from offshore sources, but this is the first 100% made in America butane without odor additives and we’re proud to offer it to our customers.

American standards are super high so when you take a filtration process that goes beyond what other countries consider “high-quality butane”, and do it nine times, you get only the purest and cleanest butane available on the market today. 11x refined filtering is now the new American standard, as it should have always been.

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