Kronik Dozze Water Pipe

Color: Blue
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This Kronik features a single expertly crafted turbine perc and a barrel chamber for some of the sickest diffusion you've ever experienced.   Glass is all about function, looks are important too, but let's get down to turkey...It's about the flavor, the feel, the airflow and having the right piece to compliment how you like to rip is paramount.  For it's size, this piece delivers some of the biggest, smoothest rips we've ever seen in our testing facilities I.E. my Mom's basement.   Check this bad lil' hitta' out and shoot us a snap of you burning it down!  #freshlybakedshop #ancientorderofthestonedmasons #stonedmasons710 #freshlybaked710 #lorshzontekceo #toomanyhashtags

  • Small and Compact 
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl
  • Available In Blue Or Green 

If you have any questions about this piece, or wanna debate the best type of donut, give us a call right now ya bastard. 

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