King Palm King Size Wrap (50 Count)

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Get Freshly Baked with King Palm Banana Leaf Wraps!

King Palm are the most popular non-tobacco/non-hemp wrap in the world.   They don't color the flavor of your herb, burn super slow and are perfect for your next sesh with the homies.   Don't forget, we sell by the box to save you money and to make sure you get fresh product.   Don't wait on these, snap em' up quick before someone else does. 

  • Made from natural leaf rolls that are individually hand picked and cleaned with purified water. No toxic fertilizers are used in the processing, chemical and preservative free. Each King Palm is also individually hand rolled & tobacco free. Skip the bad and go straight King Palm Wraps for a healthier and cleaner experience.

  • The leaves used when making King Palms are resilient and slow burning. This leaf is from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family originating from Singapore rain forests where it offers us the best smokable leaf. King Palm helps create sustainability within Singapore creating over 2,500 jobs.

  • The natural corn-husk filter will be one of the best filter tips you have ever used, it will help to make sure no loose herbs will fall through and will also eliminate oils from getting into your mouth. The flexibility of the King palm corn husk filters allow for each customer to hit their cone as they wish, bite down, for a tighter and cooler hit each time you inhale.

  • Included in this purchase is 50 individual hand rolled King XL Size Palm Leafs with a packing stick stored with a boveda 72% humidity pack for ultimate freshness.

  • Length: 105mm

  • Diameter: 12mm

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