Grav Labs 18" Steamroller

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You may need a gangbangin' playaz help ta slay dis giant yo, but it is ghon be well worth tha effort. Da big-ass inner chamber will build up enough smoke fo' some truly monstrous hits, n' you can put dat on yo' toast.

Da Big-Ass Steamrolla comes wit a funky-ass big-ass bowl n' a plastic joint clamp ta hold tha bowl up in place durin use, so you can load up nuff flower n' git ta ripping. When you locked n loaded ta put tha Big-Ass Steamrolla down tha glass feet all up in tha bottom will hold it up in place until itz time fo' yo' next quest.

  • 18" Long
  • For Real Mufuckin Playas
  • As long as your Daddy

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