GRAV - 5" Arcline Steamroller

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Get Freshly Baked with GRAV®!

If you don't know who GRAV®is get the fuck out. Ok, that was mean and I apologize. In all seriousness, Grav® (Formerly GRAV Labs®) has been in the game for a long time and is considered to be some of the best production glass around. 

These dope Steamrollers are part of the Arcline™ Series. 

They are 5" long and made with 19mm thick Borosilicate Glass. That's thicker than a buttermilk milkshake and a piece of cheesecake on a lonely Saturday night. This Steamroller is able to stand on it's "foot" showing off its beautiful curves and glass-work, inspired by the Tuscan columns of ancient Italy. Italians are frickin' nuts and so are you, so scoop yours before someone else does.

No accessories or water are necessary for using this Steamroller, just pack and light while using the carb on the front of it. If you have any questions about this piece, or want to test our knowledge of animal mating routines, check out or contact page!

  • 5" Long
  • Stands Up
  • Looks Sicker than a Coronavirus Patient
  • What are you still reading for? Get one!

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