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Get Freshly Baked with a Giraffe!

Peeking over a pair of worked glass leaves, this friendly long-necked animal is here to not only join your smoking session but make it even better. The Giraffe Neck Water Pipe features a hand-worked glass giraffe as the mouthpiece.

The eyes, mouth, and nostrils are all there too. There is even the "horn" located between the eyes, which is really called an "ossicone". Dark Giraffe spots can be found all along the head and neck. The two worked glass leaves sit beside awesome glass milli. The color of the base matches the 14mm female joint and the included 14mm male bowl.

Inside the base of the Giraffe Neck Water Pipe is a fixed downstem. The smoke filters through the water for a smoother hit. The Giraffe is the perfect gift for that smoking animal lover or any fan of giraffes.

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