Freshly Baked Quartz Banger with Riptide Cap and UV Reactive Terp Pearls (14mm Male)

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Get Freshly Baked with our Quartz Banger with Riptide Cap and UV Reactive Terp Pearl Set!

This 14mm male banger is everywhere you wanna be playa!   This heavy duty quartz hitter will deliver some potent and powerful vapor production, especially with the terp pearls zipping around that mother fucker, doing their thing.   The pearls spin around the bottom of the banger when you pull with enough force on your rig, this evenly distributes the concentrate around the banger.   It also helps you keep your temperature in the banger as well, the pearls retain heat and get very hot, so you'll be able to take multiple draws from a single heat up. 

Look...  We may not have all the answers you seek.   To be honest, this world is a weird and fucked up place.   The one thing we do know... Ripping a fatty off of one of these bangers takes the edge off, real talk.

  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Included 2 UV Terp Pearls
  • Included Rip Tide Carb Cap
  • Included Quartz 2mm Banger

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