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Get Freshly Baked and develop a second alter-ego that lets you live our your wildest fantasies of the criminal variety!

We call this one the "Jekyll & Hyde" because it's not quite sure whether it wants to be opaque or transparent, so it's actually a little of both!

These made to order Two-Tone Glass Spoons are as unique as you! When you place your order, a glassblower is informed and starts on your piece.  Each is handcrafted and based on the style in the picture, but there will be little variants that will truly make your piece a one of a kind. There are lots of cool mass-produced pipes, but to have a piece of glass commissioned just for you?  That's the next level...

PLEASE NOTE: The photos show a representation of this style of pipe. Each actual piece is individually handmade, so there may be slight variations from piece to piece. We try hard to make sure they're as absolutely close as possible to the image shown, but you are not purchasing this exact, specific piece shown.

The bottom of the stem is a stunning solid, opaque cobalt blue glass, while the bowl half of this thick glass spoon is an ornate translucent pink-orange color, complete with a gorgeous honeycomb bowl. There's even an ornate flower button on the right side! 

But we're not finished yet -- the mouthpiece has a donut hole shape to help prevent "scooby snack" from inhaling, and to give the smoke a little more distance to cool down on its journey. This is a stunning piece.

If you have any questions about this piece let me know.

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