Evolution Glass - Monster In My Rig

Color: Brigh Green
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This is the statement right there. This big boi gives you fat rips! The height, size, and double percolators make this thing a true daily driver. The Evolution Monster in my Rig stands 10" tall and comes equipped with a bent neck and flared mouth, making it more comfortable to smoke from.

It's Made from thick, borosilicate glass and has a showerhead percolator. The Halo's fixed downstem houses a nail and female dome. 

  • 6.75" Inches Tall 
  • Classic Dome and Nail
  • Can Upgrade to Quartz Banger 
  • Black, Dark Blue, Purple & Red 

If you have any questions about this piece, or wanna need a ticket to the short-bus, give us a call!

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