Empire Glassworks - "Save The Seas" UV Mini Rig

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Get Freshly Baked and Save the Ocean!

Oceans are like, really important dude. The Sea-crack epidemic has decimated communities of hardworking fish. Fish fathers haven't seen their fish-kids in over 5 fish-years because the fish-government took them away. For every "Save the Sea" rig we sell, we will help reunite 1 fish-father with his fish-kids by usurping the government of the fish and installing our own puppet government to overturn convictions and help nature heal.


  • Hand-Crafted In California, USA By Empire Glassworks 
  • 14mm Female Joint 
  • Matching 14mm Male Quartz Banger Included
  • Fixed Downstem Design
  • Glass Coral Reef & Sea Life Design
  • UV Reactive Glass Glows Under Black Light

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