Empire Glassworks Fritted Spoons - 5 Pack

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Hey, come here for a second. I know you like value, I know you like saving money. Check this out, 5 Borosilicate Frit Pipes for $149.99. That's $30.00 a spoon that would normally be $60 at the shop. Do yourself and your friends a favor and pick up a pack.

Specs :

  • 4" Long
  • Fritted Glass Design
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Get a Pack for You and Your Friends!

"Empire Glassworks is an American glass company located in Placentia, CA made up of a team of highly talented and creative glassblowers. A lot of Empire Glass pieces are inspired by popular trends in our society along with themed glass designs modeled after some of the most popular movies and shows. "

If you have questions about this product, or are interested in joining the Stoned Masons, give us a call today.

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