Dirty Ol' Thang Beaker of Death 12"

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Get Freshly Baked with Piranha Quartz!

You a big rig boy?  From the Alps of Appalachia?  This is that beaker you want to take home and make sweet love to!

Super thick with a set of 5 Maria's on the tube to help your grip, this classic beaker functions wonderfully, delivers huge pulls and well, looks fucking rad.   It's got some chick on it holding a bong, so If you're a dude, that's kinda cool.  If you're a chick, we'll that's kinda hot, like inception but with hotties.   If you're something else, well...It's still pretty neat and we don't judge because homie don't play dat!

  • Thick beaker
  • Classic function
  • Will knuck and buck
  • Classic Kung Fu grip
  • Buy 2 and give one to a friend!

If you have any questions about this product, or are looking to knuck and buck, call us now.

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