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Get Freshly Baked with the Boundless CFC Vaporizer!

Featuring a durable and ergonomic design, the Boundless CFC vaporizer delivers dry herb users the perfect on-the-go vape experience. This forward-thinking unit sports a ceramic chamber capable of holding up to .5 g of dry herb. Boasting a 18650 battery capacity, the versatile Boundless CFC uses conduction heating to deliver flavorful clouds in mere seconds. The CFC is also equipped with a water pipe adapter, allowing you to experience smoother and cooler draws.


At just 130 mm in length, the CFC offers dry herb users a discreet and portable vape session. Featuring a rugged and durable design, Boundless crafted this unit with textured ridges and grooves—providing you with a comfortable and stable grip. The CFC also features a heat-resistant mouthpiece with improved airflow, allowing for bigger and smoother draws.


The Boundless may be portable and discreet, but this revolutionary vaporizer sports a powerful 18650 battery capacity—rare for a unit its size. Featuring a simple control interface, the CFC offers you a wide temperature range (140 °F-446 °F), heating up to your ideal temperature in only seconds. The Boundless CFC can be charged through an included micro-USB cable.


The CFC is equipped with a water pipe adapter that can truly allow you to customize your sessions. The easily attachable adapter not only ensures tastier and cleaner pulls, but also cools down vapor for more comfortable inhales.


Maintaining your Boundless CFC will help preserve its performance and improve its lifespan. To clean, simply use the included brush after every session. The mouthpiece and screen can also easily be removed for rinsing.

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