Bake Sale Aircraft Grade Aluminum Grinder W/Removable Magnetic Screen Various Colors

Color: Black
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Get Freshly Baked with Bake Sale Grinders!

Get your ass a good grinder!   Why?   To savor all of that heavenly glory inside of your herbs you dumb ass!  Do we have to explain everything to you?!  

Hey, hi sorry... My elderly father got to the computer and started typing but we just got him off.  Unfortunately, this is an older model of Amiga, so we'll have to live with this copy on this product forever.  Well, dad's gonna die soon anyhow, so it's like a little testament to him.

*Editors Notes - 11/23/2020

Dad totally croaked, so buy one of these in his honor!   Peace you nasty old asshole!

  • 63mm 
  • 4 part grinder 
  • Bake Sale Logo 
  • Available in Black, Black/Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange & Silver! 
  • Bake Sale Pattern and Logo May vary! 

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