Chief Executive Office - Head Designing Dude
Pronouns - (Sexy/Savage)

Joey aka Savage Patriot is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, dipped in corn batter, and deep fried golden brown.  For real...Not much is really known about him, except that he is incredibly passionate about designing dope gear for bad ass savages trying to make their way through this crazy fucking clown world we're living in!

His designs are equal parts drip, hype, satirical, and brutally honest.  Essentially his goal was to take the attitude of his inspirations and create designs that speak to many, but at the core share a unified voice that says "this place is bullshit and it's on fire, so let's have a fucking laugh fam!" 

If you're easily offended you may not like some of the designs, but hey, you can't please everyone and art is art, right?  While the 1st Amendment still protects freedom of speech and expression, we must be unafraid to represent ourselves.  Be fearless!

When asked for a sentence to sum up his role in the company he told us the following - "Who are all you people?  Get the hell out of my office!"