The CEO and founder of Freshly Baked.   Well, where to begin.  

Lorsh had been sitting dormant for many years, hidden deep in a military bunker nestled deep in the belly of a tunnel system in the Alkali Flats.   One fateful day a group of YouTubers, urban explorers to be exact, found a hatch while wandering an abandoned military installment in the flats.   They opened the hatch which led to the very tunnels where Lorsh had been sitting for decades.   The YouTubers opened a door which housed a small medical office.  They decided to set up shop to film a quick dab session in the location.  They pulled out a rig, torch, dabber, carb cap and some tips.   One of them pulled out a small velvet colored jar that said “GMO” on the label and proceeded to put a huge glob of it on the dabber.   He took a huge toke and blew out a viscous plume of dab vapor came careening from his mouth.  The vapor filled the room, also filling the vents of the seemingly innocuous computer.   Within moments the computer started to blink and buzz, making awful screeching noises.   Rusty old military weapons started to animate on the walls of the room, moving and zipping around taking aim at the YouTubers.   These dudes had no fucking clue what was going on, unfortunately they died that day…   

Through Freshly Baked Lorsh has gained a cult like following on instagram @lorshzontek and you can visit him and the crew at Freshly Baked anytime (

There is an elite membership to our site where the true secrets and mysteries of the company are revealed, and for those who want to know the truth...All you must do is join us.   The Ancient Order of the Stoned Masons wants you!   This group is for elite level stoners, ones who are not content with merely one piece of glass.   When you join us you submit to the All Seeing Pie, the true leader and visionary behind Freshly Baked.  Join us and learn more about our exalted leader and become the elite!

- LZ