Lambone is an interesting story of an experiment gone awry.   A popular legal cannabis website which we will not mention here had wanted to add to their database, however they found that having people research and then input the information through traditional means was at best inefficient.  

Lambone, was an expert on all smoking and vaping equipment.  She had a popular vlog where she documented all of the glass, papes and vapes that she had used and mastered in her journey to become the ultimate female-lamb hybrid stoner in the world. 

Lambone had smoked it all, vaped it all and knew every detail of every product in the industry.   Using technology that they pieced together from popular 80’s films like Buckaroo Banzai and Weird Science, they rigged up a machine that would take Lambone’s knowledge of these products and transfer it in real time to the database; however there was an unexpected unpleasantness.  Lambone’s essence was sucked into the fiber-optics of the network and wandered aimlessly in the ether of the web.  

The doctors tried to resuscitate Lambone, but to no avail.   One day looking for other intelligent life scouring the web, Lorsh found Lambone and knew that he must integrate her into the Freshly Baked system.  

Now, finally fused into the machine that is Lorsh, Lambone provides customers with expert information on products and facilitates a fun and fresh customer service experience that you will not experience anywhere else...EVAH!!!!

-Team Lambone