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Get Freshly Baked with our FBSC approved Puffco Peak Glass Recyclers!

The Puffco Peak is one of our favorite devices ever created for elevating!   One of the most interesting features of the product is that you can interchange and collect different glass tops to have different experiences.   The conical style glass that comes with the Peak is great, chugs, and gives you a great hit, but as we say here at Freshly Baked, you can always go higher!

Our recyclers feature a natural perk down stem with a single-arm uptake in the back.   Not only do they chug well from the natural perk, but the expertly crafted recycler also moves water and air beautifully.   If you love the feel of a small heady recycler, you'll love this. 

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fits Puffco Peak Only
  • Natural Perc Recycler
  • 2 Colors Freshly Baked (Purple & Green) or Shadow (Black/Grey)
  • Milky rips!
  • Collect Em All!

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