Getting Learn't on Cali Crusher OSO - Freshly Baked

How to Fill the Chamber

1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece to reveal the chamber.

2. Fill the chamber with ground herb. Tap down the material so it is snuggly in the chamber but not compressed.

3. Replace the mouthpiece into the device.

How to Power and Heat

1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button 5 times quickly. The screen greets you with a "HI" and flashes to your previously set temperature.

2. Adjust the temperature using the temperature adjustment buttons.

3. Once you have your temperature selected.

4. Hold the center button down for 3 seconds to heat up the unit. It will vibrates when ready to hit.

4. The device has a five minute cycle.

5. To shut it off it’s five quick clicks and it signs off with a "BYE".

6. The device comes with a titanium stirrer and a little brush for cleaning. We would recommend brushing out the chamber after every use.

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