Getting Learn't on Boundless CFC - Freshly Baked

How to power the CFC on

To power the CFC 'ON’ click the circular button five times in rapid succession. Please note unit will not power up if the clicks are too slow. Once in the 'ON’ mode the screen will illuminate and it will automatically heat up to the last previously used temperature.

The unit will stay on for a period of five minutes after which it will go into standby mode. Use the lower temperatures for tasty and flavorful hits or boost up the temperature for more dense and bigger clouds

Adjusting the Temperature

Using the temperature controls is easy to use on the CFC. Each click will raise the temperature by one degree. To change the temperature use the buttons located at the opposite back end of the device.

As before each single click will change the temperature, it will decrease the temperature by one degree. Temperature ranges from 140°F-446°F and 60°C-230°C. To switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius click the two bottom buttons at the same time once.

How to Remove the Mouthpiece

Pull mouthpiece upwards away from body of device. Once the mouthpiece is removed the white ceramic bowl is clearly visible. Fill the bowl with desired amount of herb and place cap back on. The cap will snap back into place with a little pressure.

Mouthpiece may also be disassembled into the three separate components. Tug outwards on the silicon portion that encases the stainless steel screen. Once the silicon is removed you may also pop out the screen.

How To Load Herb

*Make sure unit is ‘OFF’ when loading substances

1. To load unit make sure your herb is finely ground up. This will help ensure it is heated evenly.

2. Do not pack the bowl too tightly or overpack. The CFC bowl can hold up to 0.5 grams of finely ground herb.

How to use the Water Pipe Adapter

The WPA (water pipe adapter) is intended to be used for units from the Boundless Technology line. The CFC has a specific WPA that can only be used for the CFC unit. The adapter is to be used with a glass water pipe as it helps filter the vaporized product. It is designed to it male and female stems ranging from 10mm-18mm. Using the water pipe adapter not only helps alleviate any irritation caused by the vapor but it also enhances the overall taste of your vaporized product.

1. To use the WPA simply remove the mouthpiece from the CFC. Once the mouthpiece is removed you can twist on the adapter.

2. To place the WPA on securely snap the WPA into place. The wider base should be the side be snapped onto the CFC in place of the mouthpiece.

3. When removing the WPA after use please use extreme caution as the piece does get hot.

4. The WPA can be disassembled for an easier clean.

How to clean the CFC

Cleaning the unit right after use is key to keeping your CFC clean and working properly. The mouth-piece can be disassembled making it easier to maintain.

To clean the mouthpiece you may use isopropyl alcohol, we recommend 91%. If leaving the mouth-piece in isopropyl to soak do not submerge for longer than ten minutes.

The screen can be taken off individually for an easy clean. Please be advised only the mouthpiece may be submerged in isopropyl alcohol and NOT the body of the unit. If isopropyl is applied to the body it WILL cause cosmetic damage and this will not be covered by the warranty.

The inside chamber can be cleaned with a cleaning brush. If needed the bottom chamber screen can be removed and cleaned off as well. Please use caution when cleaning the device.

Pro Tips

1. Remove herb from chamber immediately after consuming. This will help keep the bowl clean.

2. Cleaning the unit while still relatively warm makes it easier to remove residue.

3. You may also use coarse salt paired with isopropyl alcohol to help remove residue from the mouthpiece.

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