Gettin' Volcanic - Freshly Baked

Powering on the Unit

  1. Plug the Volcano Classic into a wall to supply power.
  2. Set the temperature dial to your desired temperature
  3. Flip the red “Heat” switch to the on position. The “Heat” button should light up and the Orange/Yellow “Control” light will light up meaning the volcano is heating up.
  4. When the orange light goes off for the first time, the Volcano has reached its temperature.

Filling the Filling Chamber 

  1. The Volcano comes with the Easy Valve Filling Chamber for herbs and also includes a liquid pad for concentrate use.
  2. Open the easy valve by unscrewing the top and bottom chamber portions. 
  3. Fill the chamber with ground herb up to where the chamber ring rim begins. 
  4. Lightly push the herb down so it is fluffy but uniform.
  5. Screw the top part of the chamber back on to the bottom.

Filling the balloon

  1. Once the volcano is at temperature, place the chamber on the top of the Volcano where it should click into place.
  2. Flip the Green “Air” switch to start the flow of air. Allow the herb to bathe in the air for 5 seconds.
  3. Remove the mouthpiece from the Balloon and attach the orange valve to the top of the volcano chamber. It should stay securely on the chamber while filling. While filling allow the balloon to get full but not overfilled.
  4. Remove the chamber with the balloon attached and then remove the balloon from the chamber. 
  5. Place the mouthpiece back in the balloon valve and inhale!

Cleaning the Volcano

  1. When used properly, the actual Volcano Unit should never require any sort of deep cleaning. Sometimes herbs will get on the screen but just use the included brush to wipe any away.
  2. The Filling chamber can be disassembled and soaked in Isopropyl alcohol. Unscrew the two pieces and remove the silicone band on the top piece. Push the metal components on both slides through their out rings. All the metal and plastic components can be soaked for one hour to remove buildup and residue.
  3. Easy Valve balloons are meant to be thrown away after 75-100 fill ups. The Balloon with adapter that comes with the unit allows you to replace the balloon yourself and is more economical.

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