Gettin' Learnt with OTTO - Freshly Baked

How to OTTO

  1. Make sure that OTTO is fully charged and unplugged using a Micro-USB cord.
  2. Hold the power button for two seconds to turn OTTO on.
  3. Insert your cone into the O-Tube. The OTTO works with any cone that will fit in the tube). Make sure the top of the cone is flush with the top of the tube and not wrinkled.
  4. Open OTTO by pressing the side latch and place your herb evenly onto the lower plate. The plate is spring loaded for larger nugs. Don't overfill the OTTO for best results.
  5. Put the OTTO on top of the O-tube.
  6. Press the power button to start the grinding process.
  7. OTTO’s SMART Milling Technology™ will sense the material and begin grinding.
  8. Tap the entire unit firmly on the table as soon as OTTO starts to mill to make sure the material falls evenly into cone.
  9. When finished, take the OTTO of the O-tube, remove the cone, shake like a sugar packet and twist to close.
  10. If you desire a more filled paper cone, feel free to put the cone back into the O Tube and repeat until full.


If you prefer a very tightly packed sachet/paper cone, put half of the material into OTTO, mill it

and take OTTO off of the O Tube. Use a tool to tamp the material deeper into the cone. Then, add the rest of the material into OTTO and repeat.

Battery Life

100% charge - White Light

50% charge - Green-Yellow Light

10% charge or less - Red Light

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