Gettin' Learnt on Yocan Pandon - Freshly Baked

Get Learnt!

To load the Yocan Pandon first pull on the magnetic mouthpiece to remove it from the wax pen and expose the 2 atomizers. Next, unscrew the coil caps to expose the 2 dual quartz coils.

Use the loading tool to place a bit of wax (about half a grain of rice) on each coil, making sure not to touch the coils with the loading tool as it may damage them.

Once the wax is loaded, snap the mouthpiece back into place and you’re ready to vaporize.

To turn the Pandon on, press the power button 5 times quickly. To toggle between the 3 available temperature settings simply tap the power button twice quickly.

When at your desired temperature simply press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor.

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