Gettin' Learnt on Vapium Lite - Freshly Baked


  • GREEN (solid): 100-60% charge
  • ORANGE: 60-30% charge
  • RED (solid): 30-10% charge
  • LOW BATTERY: Red LED flashing.
  • PULSING BLUE: Heating / Adjusting
  • SOLID GREEN: Maintaining temperature

IMPORTANT: Your LITE comes fully charged. Allow approximately 1 hour to recharge. When recharging, do not let the unit dangle from the charging cord. This puts pressure on the charging plug that can result in the unit not charging fully. Once it’s charged, remove from the USB-C plug. The LITE will deliver approximately 10-15 sessions, depending on the temperature selected. Further to this, we are equipped with pass through charging, which means you can use the LITE while its charging. 

Powering on from Off

  1. Turn the unit on by pressing the Go button for 3 seconds
  2. Feel the vibration – indicates the device is on and ready for instruction
  3. Battery level is displayed
  4. Unit will start heating
  5. Optionally choose your desired temperature (to change the temp. tap the + or – and the temp. light will scroll through the settings until you let go to confirm the setting) or unit will heat to last stored temp.4
  • Temp 1: 342F/172C (half blue)
  • Temp 2: 356F/180C (blue)
  • Temp 3: 370F/188C (half yellow)
  • Temp 4: 385F/196C (yellow)
  • Temp 5: 392F/204C (half orange)
  • Temp 6: 414F/212C (orange)
  • Temp 7: 428F/220C (half red)
  • Temp 8: 442F/228C (red)

Powering on from Standby

1. Press the GO Button

2. Follow steps 2-5 as above.

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