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Gettin Learn't on Pulsar Rok


Make sure the device is fully charged before use (Approx. 2 hours). the device will blink Red while charging and Green when the battery is full. The Rok will display its current battery when it is turned on: Green = Full, Yellow = Medium, and Red = Low. You can get about 25-30 sessions from a full battery. 

Adding Water

Fill the beaker base of the Rok with water. It is recommended that you fill the beaker halfway up. Less water can be used if preferred but you should never fill with water past the halfway point.

Downstem Perc Attachment

Gently attach the Rok disc perc downstem to the opening found between the 2 meta air path tubes. Insert with a slight twisting motion and secure the perc so it is flush inside the silicone housing. Do not force or place high pressure onto the perc when affixing it to the unit. 

Attaching the Beaker

Set the beaker base of the Rok onto a solid, level surface. Gently place the Rok's body on the beaker base making sure to align the the lip of the beaker base with the silicone track found on the bottom of the Rok Body. Once lined up, gently press down at a slight angle, simultaneously applying a rolling pressure to the Rok body so that the lip and track lock into place. The device should fit snuggly and securely.

Power UP

Press the Power trigger 5 times rapidly to turn the device on and off. Press the power button 3 times rapidly while powered on to change the temperature. The temperatures are as follows:

Green = 680 f,  Blue = 780 f,  Red = 850 f

Cold Start

Now that the device is on and the temperature has been selected, use the included dab tool to place a small amount of concentrate into the atomizer cup. Make sure the dab is on bottom of the chamber and not on the side.


Press and hold the power button from 5-15 seconds to preheat your product. 

Carb Cap

Place the carb cap onto the silicone collar of the atomizer.


The Rok allows you to have manual or automatic heating for your dabs which will change the density of your clouds. You can manually "pulse" the power button to fire the atomizer in small bursts leading to more flavor and wispier vapor. The Rok will cutoff heating after the power button is held for 20 seconds. The Rok also allows you to double-press the power button to activate automatic heating which will heat the unit for 30-seconds and create larger clouds of vapor. To stop the automatic heating before 30-seconds, simply press the power button twice.

Flower Mode

The Rok includes a ceramic cup for use with dry herb that will combust your herbs. At the lowest temperature, the experience is like a desktop vape, while at the higher settings, you get a combustion hit. Simply grinder you flower into the cup and you are ready to go (after replacing the cup in the atomizer of course!) DO NOT USE CONCENTRATE IN THE CERAMIC FLOWER CUP.



Coil Cup- Always wipe down the coil cup using a cotton swab after each use. After a few session, it is recommended to use an alcohol wipe or alchohol dipped cotton swab to wipe out the coil cup and gently wipe the coil clean

Glass Parts - The beaker portion can be filled with isopropyl alcohol and salt then shaken clean to remove residue. The percolator should be thrown in to a bag or container filled with isopropyl alcohol and salt then agitated to clean and remove residue.

Air Pathways- With the glass downstem removed, pull both metal air path tubes out of the silicone housing and soak them isopropyl alcohol. Use the included cleaner brush to remove stubborn clogs. Once clean, rinse the tubes with cold water and allow to the dry thoroughly. Disassemble the the mouthpiece and silicone splash protector. Use a cotton swab and iso to clean out the area where the metal tubes normally sit. Use a water-wet brush to rinse out the alcohol.

Mouthpiece- Remove the metal mouthpiece and silicone splash guard insert. Clean both items using soapy water and allow to air dry. Be sure to insert everything back when done.

510 connection- This should be periodically cleaned with a cotton swab and iso to prevent dirt and residue from blocking the connection between battery and atomizer.


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