Gettin Learn't on Pulsar Flow - Freshly Baked

Battery Life

The Pulsar Flow has a 1600mAh Lithium Battery. Pulsar recommends that the first charge should be no shorter than 3 hours, however, users should not allow the device to charge for more than 24 hours. Excluding that the initial power up, all charging sessions will be shorter and take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The battery has 3 indicator lights to inform users how much battery life is available.

  • Green (100% - 60%)
  • Orange (60% - 20%)
  • Red (20% - 0%)

Low Battery = Alternating red & green LED flashing 3 times. The device then defaults to shutdown.

You need to fully charge the Pulsar Flow before using it. Please make sure that the unit isn't dangling from the USB cord when charging to ensure that it charges correctly.

How to Use

The Pulsar Flow is very easy to use, clean, and carry.

1. Before first use with the Pulsar Flow please charge the unit fully using the included USB Cable.

2. Then simply remove the magnetic top to reveal a quartz chamber which can hold approximately .5 grams of dry herb per session.

3. Pack the heating chamber with ground Dry Herb

4. Seal the magnetic top and press the green button on the side of the unit 5 times to power it on. The Pulsar Flow has 5 temperature settings (356, 374, 392, 410, & 428 degrees).

5. Once the device is on, it is possible to change the temperature setting by simply holding the power button for 3 seconds. The temperature light will scroll through all the settings until the button is released to confirm a setting.

6. Once you have a desired temperature, the unit will heat up automatically. It takes about 40 seconds to reach the desired temperature. You will know that you have reached your chosen temperature once the red LED light turns green, the device will vibrate meaning itΒ is ready for use.

8. Take a draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Pulsar recommends that you occasionally stir the herbs and allow 5 seconds to reheat between each inhale. Also of benefit, is the fact that Pulsar equipped the Flow with a 4-minute shutoff timer to prevent waste and overheating. Make sure to allow the device to cooldown for 5 minutes between sessions.


If you treat your Pulsar Flow vaporizer right, it’s going to treat you right. Cleaning the Flow is really ease because Pulsar’s products always come with cleaning tools which include alcohol wipes and a cleaning brush. To clean your vaporizer:

1. Detach the mouthpiece and soak in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with clean water.

2. Remove the magnetic lid to expose the heating chamber. Use the cleaning brush to remove residual herbs from the chamber.

3. Use the alcohol wipe to swab the chamber and allow to dry. U

4. Use an isopropyl cotton swab to wipe the exterior surface of the vaporizer to keep it clean and shiny.

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