Gettin' Learnt on Pulsar APX Wax - Freshly Baked

Charging Instructions

You will need to fully charge your Pulsar APX Wax before using it for the first time. Insert charging cable into unit & the other end into a dedicated USB port or wall socket if using AC wall adapter (Not Included). Set Pulsar APX Wax on its side do not let the unit dangle from charge cord. This puts pressure on the charger plug that can result in the unit not charging fully. When it is time to re-charge the unit after use. allow to cool, and remove the wax atomizer before laying the unit on its side to charge. This will help keep your concentrates in place. 


Allow approximately 1.5 hours for the first full charge. Do not charge for more than 24 hours.

  • Battery Charging: Battery indication light will show charging connection is made by glowing green. Battery charge progress is indicated by a series of green LEDs flashing in consecutive order, towards the bufton.

  • Low Battery Indication: The series of green LEDs will decrease away from the button as the charge drains, indicating approximately how much charge is left. When the battery requires charging, the battery icon will show red and will not heat.

  • The Pulsar APX Wax battery will deliver approximately 1.5 hours of continuous power, depending on use. Both the battery



Using the Pulsar APX Wax

  1. Turn the unit on by pressing the button rapidly 5 times.
  2. The atomizer can be loaded either prior to heating, or after the coils hove been lightly warmed.
  3. The unit will begin heating immediately after the button is pressed and held. The “P“ logo above the button will turn from red to green as the unit reaches the desired temperature (5 seconds). After the initial heating. you can press, or pulse. the button, and the Triple Quartz Coils will heat almost instantaneously.
  4. f2eIease the button to halt the heating process as the vapor builds inside the glass mouthpiece.
  5. Inhale.
  6. Turn the unit off by pressing the button rapidly 5 times.

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