Gettin Learnt on Pulsar APX Oil - Freshly Baked

Using the Pulsar® APX Oil

1. Screw in any 510 threaded cartridge using a clockwise motion until it locks into place (do not over-tighten).

2. Turn the unit on by pressing the button rapidly 5 times.

3. Press the fire button 3 times quickly to cycle through preset voltages. Desired voltage level is set when LED stops flashing.

4. To prime cartridge, press fire button 2 times to activate preheat mode. Display will pulsate under previously set voltage for 20 seconds.

5. After pulsing LED stops, the APX Oil is ready for use.

6. Hold power button and inhale to receive preferred amount of vapor.

7. Turn the unit off by pressing the button rapidly 5 times.

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