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Charging the Puffco Plus V2 battery

Using your Puffco Plus with a full battery ensures the best vapor production. Puffco includes a supercharger that can fully charge an empty Plus battery in just over half an hour.

Your device needs to be charged when the battery flashes ten times. To charge your Puffco Plus, screw the battery onto the charger and plug the USB cable into a power source - \the battery will charge faster when plugged into a wall power brick.

When you screw the battery onto the charger, the charger light will turn red to show your device battery is drained. While you’re waiting, the battery will display a white light, and when fully charged, it will flash green then shut down.

Puffco Plus V2 battery life

After fully charging your Puffco Plus battery, you can run 30 Sesh Mode cycles on the highest temperature setting before needing to recharge. Constantly using the Puffco battery on the highest temperature setting or on Sesh Mode will drain the battery faster.

Loading the Puffco Plus V2

To load the Puffco Plus, unscrew the mouthpiece from the chamber so the dart is visible. Next, use the dart to collect the desired amount of concentrate. When you’re satisfied with the quantity, screw the mouthpiece back on and you’re good to go.

The most efficient way to load your Puffco chamber is with a single-use amount, which is about 0.05-0.1 grams. When using this amount, set your Puffco to Sesh Mode (information on this below) and run the chamber empty. You only want to run this setting three times before adding more wax.

Operating the Puffco Plus V2

When using the device, make sure to always hold it straight up and down so the contents can heat evenly. The small holes in the wall of the chamber promote airflow, but heated contents can leak through these and create issues for you. Keeping the pen vertical also makes sure the oil perfectly vaporizes against the chamber ball.

Once charged, press the cloud button five times in a row to unlock the device (and do the same to lock the unit). Press the button four times in a row to cycle through the temperature settings of low (green, 580°F), medium (blue, 650°F) and high (white, 720°F).

Holding the cloud button will give you eight seconds before automatically shutting down. You can also select Sesh Mode by pressing the cloud button twice, then you’ll receive 12 seconds of a continuous hit. Steer clear of running Sesh Modes more than three times in a row as it can get hot quick.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping up with cleaning your Puffco Plus will go a long way to maintain its functionality and performance. You should be cleaning the device after every two uses to prevent build-up. If you’re a heavy user, be sure to also keep up with cleaning the threading and connection pins to avoid any contact issues.

To clean your Puffco, enter Sesh Mode for a cycle to warm the chamber. When you’ve unscrewed the mouthpiece, use a Q-tip to remove any product leftover on the chamber or dart. Then, clean the threading of the chamber and battery. You can also dip a Q-tip in ISO to clean the mouthpiece, battery, and threading - but never soak anything metal in ISO.

When you’re cleaning the dart, remove it from the small black grommet by gently pushing a Q-tip through the mouthpiece. Then, clean the dart with an ISO-dipped Q-tip, or by soaking the ceramic dart in ISO. Again, be sure not to soak any of the metal parts in ISO.

Although it’s not likely, sometimes the chamber will clog after long-term use. If this does happen, unscrew the mouthpiece and, while holding the pen upside down, run a Sesh Mode cycle to let any leftovers spill out (if you’re doing this inside, make sure to have something to catch the dripping byproduct). If you have to do this more than once, let the pen cool down after every two Sesh Mode cycles.

Lastly, don’t worry if the bottom of the chamber darkens over time. Ceramic nails do the same thing and it won’t impact the performance of the chamber. 

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