Gettin' Learn't on Grinders - Freshly Baked


How to clean a grinder (Recommended only for Metal grinders):

  1. Ensure your grinder is empty
  2. Unscrew all pieces and soak each piece in isopropyl alcohol individually for 20-30 minutes each.
  3. Agitate each piece in the alcohol for more effective cleaning.
  4. Once all residue is removed, rinse each part of the grinder with water to remove alcohol.
  5. Use a paper towel to dry each part of the grinder and leave the parts out to dry fully
  6. Reassemble the grinder and enjoy!

Grind Size- Different vaporizers work better with different grind levels. Check the guide below for what size you should use for your vaporizers:

Fine Grind: A fine grind is best suited for Conduction grinders. A fine grind looks contains very tiny pieces and does not contain any chunks and is uniform. Any more and you are approaching powder like consistency. Aerospaced Grinders and many finishing grinders deliver a fine grind. A 2 piece grinder works great for fine grinds as well.

Devices that work best with find grinds are PAX devices, Davinci Devices, and other conduction devices

Medium Grind: A medium grind is a consistency that is above a fine grind. This is generally described to as β€œchunky” and is more of a shredded consistency than a powder. Grinders that produce a medium grind are Santa Cruz Shredders, Sweet Tooth Grinders, and other grinders with blades instead of teeth. Medium grinds work well in the Volcano, most budget portable dry vapes and are the best for Pipes, Water Pipes, bubblers, joints and smoking in general.

Hand Grind: Hand grinding is the best way to preserve the terpenes in your bud. Grinders, while effective, destroy the flavor of your material by rubbing the terpenes on to the blades/teeth of your grinder. Hand tearing is best recommended for devices that are convection based. Devices like the Mighty, Crafty+, and the Firefly 2 work best with handground material

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