Gettin Learn't on Dabtech Elite Plus - Freshly Baked

The Dabtech Elite Plus is very easy to get started with:

1. Select the bowl you would like to use. It comes with Ceramic, Quartz, and Titanium bowls

2. Place your desired bowl on the ceramic base. Add the rubber seal to the heating bowl once inserted.

3. Fill the recycler attachment with water and test to make sure the water flows correctly but does not overflow.

4. Attach the recycler attachment to the rubber seal around the cup. 

5. Place a small amount of concentrates into the bowl.

6. Press the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the device on and off. 

7. Select your desired temperature using the temperature control buttons on the unit. The unit can go between 280-800 F.

8. Press the power button 3 times to begin the heating process. The unit will beep to indicate that it is heating.

9. Place the carb cap over the bowl. Swivel it to move oil around the bowl and create more vapor.


1. You can take apart the heating element from the battery unit (screw it off the top), and the bucket comes out separately as well.

2. Use Isopropyl alcohol to clean out the heating element and buckets. If the residue build up is not too bad, you may dip the q-tip and clean them out that way.

3. If it needs a more deep clean, you may soak the atomizer in the alcohol for about 20 minutes - the atomizer must be COMPLETELY DRY before used again.

Please email for more help.

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