Gettin' Learnt on Boundless CFX


Initially charge the CFX for 4 to 4.5 hours by Micro 5-Pin Port (5V 2A) , 1 to 1.5 hour by DC Port (12V 1.5A). The battery will stop charging when the icon is full. When the battery level is low, charge battery with included Micro 5-Pin Charger or DC Charger. Low battery level will be indicated with icon flashing 10 times repeatedly.

  1. Charging the CFX while powered on, the OLED display will stay lit.
  2. Charging the CFX while powered off, only the battery icon will be visible.
  3. Do not use CFX while charging. This will cause damage to the device.
  4. To prevent the device from overheating, do not leave the charger plugged in overnight.
  5. Do not leave charger plugged in or unattended without the device. Do not charge unit on bare carpet or rug.

How to LOAD

  1. Remove mouthpiece from the CFX.
  2. Insert Screen into ceramic heating camber. Note: Screens (3 included) in the housing unit and heating chamber can be changed periodically to ensure clean vaping. Additional screens sold separately.
  3. Attach CFX mouthpiece.
  4. Load choice blend loosely into the ceramic heatingchamber.
  5. Tamp down with the dabber tool. Do not over-fill. (note: do not turn on device while loading blend). How to Use CFX with Dry Herbs?\

Powering on

  1. Rapidly press Power button five times within 2 seconds to power on the unit. The display will turn on.
  2. The display indicates the Temperature Information, Battery Status, Session Timer etc.
  3. The Session time is 300 seconds (5 minutes). “S” is short for Starting, “F” is short for Finishing. The Temperature Range is 100 ̊F-430 ̊F.
  4. When setting the Temperature, the display is Red. After Temperature is reached, the display turns Green.

Using Oil or Wax


  1. Fill oil/wax chamber with at least 5 drops of (0.2 - 0.3ml) oil.
  2. Let oil settle for a few seconds.
  3. Insert oil/wax chamber into ceramic heating chamber (note: do not turn on device while loading oil/wax chamber).


  1. Place concentrated oil around the recess of the lid.
  2. Screw lid on to oil/wax chamber.
  3. Insert oil/wax chamber, with lid facing down towards ceramic heating chamber (note: do not turn on device while loading the oil/wax chamber.

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