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Charging the Atmos Jump battery

Part of what makes this device so beginner friendly is that the Jump only consists of two parts: the battery and the mouthpiece. The Jump has a 1,200 mAh 3.4V battery that, when fully charged, can last for five to six sessions. Despite being on the cheap side, the Atmos Jump might be the best vaporizer for dry herbs.

To charge your Atmos Jump battery, plug the USB cable into the Jump’s charging port and a power source. Be sure to keep your Jump as charged as possible, as it takes around three hours to reach full capacity. For faster charging times, plug your device into a wall unit.

The first session with the Atmos Jump

Unlike most dry herb vaporizers, the Jump doesn’t use a conduction style heating chamber. With other vape pens, users have noted a tendency to heat the herbs unevenly. Your Atmos Jump has a single power button with no temperature controls as the device always heats to approximately 293°F.

With the Atmos Jump, your herbs pass through a ceramic filter, creating an unmatched taste and vapor size.

Upon opening your Jump, as with any vaporizer, it’s wise to run a burn-off for safety measures. The reason for a burn-off is that residue and oils from the manufacturing and shipping process might find their way into your device, and the only thing you really want to be vaping is your herb of choice! To do this, run the Atmos Jump through three sterilization sessions. Press the button three times to turn it on and the device will begin to heat. Then wait four minutes for it to turn off and repeat the process about three times.

After each burn-off session, check to see if you can smell anything funky. If you can, repeat the process until the smell is gone.

Grind your herbs and load the chamber

Almost any grinder will work for the Atmos Jump chamber but you should aim for an excellent consistency that also won’t fly through the screen. When you’re ready to use it, unscrew the mouthpiece and gently pack the chamber.


As your herbs are heating, the power button light will glow orange for about ten seconds. Once it turns green, you’re ready to inhale. The pen’s fast heat-up time and slim design make it perfect for anyone needing a discreet vaping option. The Jump battery should last for five to six sessions or for about 40 minutes of use.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Atmos Jump is a simple pen style vaping device and cleaning it is a straightforward process. To clean the chamber, wipe out any residue with the included cleaning brush. It’s best to do this after every session to avoid any annoying build-up.

To clean the mouthpiece, soak a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol (ISO) and wipe until clean. You can also do this to clean the chamber, but never soak the battery in anything. 

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