Gettin Learn't on Arizer Air 2 - Freshly Baked

Charge the Air II

The Air II comes with a swappable 18650 battery that can be charged while inside the Air II via USB, or outside of it with an 18650 compatible charger. This interchangeable batteries allows you to pre-charge batteries if you're going camping, or doing something that doesn't include electricity. A single charge can last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use, and the device takes about 3 hours to charge fully. 

To charge the battery within the Air II, simply plug in the USB cable and adapter. The Air II's screen will display the battery percentage, letting you know when it is fully charged. It is not necessary to fully charge the Air II upon first use, and the device can also be used while charging. 

Control Panel

The control panel of the Air II consists of an OLED display and three buttons: Menu (M), Plus (+), and Minus (-). With these, you can control every aspect of the device, using M to toggle through the menu, and plus and minus to set things like temperature settings, brightness display, shut off timers and more. I turned the device on before reading the manual. The set up is so simple, it's pretty much self explanatory.

Temperature Settings: The Air II has a large range of temperature settings, from 122 degrees fahrenheit to 428 degrees fahrenheit, in 1 or 10 degree increments using the plus and minus buttons. 

How to Vape

  1. Load Glass Aroma Tube: Put coarsely ground flower in a small container, then twist the the glass tube into the container to fill the dish, being sure not to press too hard or pack it too tightly. It comes with a stainless steel stirring tool that helps with packing.
  2. Insert Glass Aroma Tube: Pre-heat unit before inserting the tube, then insert the flower filled tube into the top of the Air II. 
  3. Press and Hold the (-) and (M) Buttons to Turn On: A timer will count down on the OLED screen showing the power on delay and a greeting message is displayed when the unit is powered on. 
  4. Set the Temperature and Let Unit Heat Up: Press one of the tree control panel buttons and the Air II will start to heat up automatically. Press the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments, or hold the button down to adjust the temperature in 10-degree increments.  
  5. Inhale and Enjoy!: The Air II will remain heated and ready to use until you turn the device off. Because of the convection heating method, the flower is only heated when you inhale, meaning there's virtually zero waste with this product. To turn off, hold the (M) and (+) buttons. 

How to Clean the Air II

Essentially maintenance free, the Air II is extremely easy to clean. Simply soak the glass parts in isopropyl alcohol for a couple of hours, then rise with hot water. Make sure they are fully dry before re-inserting them into the top of the device .

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