Gettin Learn't on Airvape X - Freshly Baked

1. Charge you Airvape X using the included micro-usb cable. 

2. Pack the chamber lightly. Is it recommended that you grind your herbs before packing the chamber.

3. Press the power button 3 times rapidly to power on the device.

4. Adjust the temperature using the up and down buttons on the device. The unit will heat automatically and vibrate when ready to use.

5. Inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy.

6. The safety shutoff timer will automatically turn the unit off after 3 minutes.


1. Use the included cleaning brush to wipe the chamber after every session.

2. Toggle between C/F by holding down the power button and pressing the down button. 

3. Change the auto-turnoff timer by holding the power button and pressing the up button.

4. Visit Airvape to register your device!

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