Gettin Learn't on Arizer Air - Freshly Baked


Operating the Arizer Air is extremely easy! Check out the steps below to learn how to get started:

1. Charge the unit fully before using for the first time. Plug the included AC adapter into the device and charge until full. The charging indicator is as follows: Red (empty), Flashing Green (Charging), Solid Green (full).

*The Arizer Air uses swappable 18650 batteries allowing you to keep change out dead batteries in a snap!

2. Press and hold the center of the Up/Down button to for 3 seconds turn the unit on or off. 

3. Use the the Up/Down buttons to cycle through temperature settings. There are 5 settings from low to high: Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Red. To recall your last used temperature, hold the UP button for 2 seconds.

* The Arizer Air will begin heating as soon as a temperature is selected.

Packing the Glass Stem

1. To fill the stem, simply push the the bowl side of the stem into you coarsely ground material.

2. Slightly twist as push the stem into your material to create a lightly compressed effect on the herb.

3. Brush away any extra material and make sure the material is filled just under the rim of the stem bowl. Tamp down the material further if needed. You want the material to have enough space to allow air to bathe over it.

4. Preheat your device your device before putting the stem in for the first time. The heat will allow the device to expand slightly and make it easier to load. DO NOT FORCE THE STEM.

Once all steps are followed, ENJOY!


1. If you notice residue starting to build up in the stem, simply place it in a dish or Ziploc bag with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and agitate the stem to remove residue. 

2. If any debris falls into the heating portion of your device, simply use a cleaning brush or small object to remove the debris and brush out the heating chamber. 

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