Gettin' Crafty - Freshly Baked

Charge your Crafty Vaporizer

  1. We recommend plugging it in and charging it up to full before using for the first time.
  2. Use the included micro-usb cable and plug it into the charging port on the Crafty+.
  3. From an empty battery, it takes roughly two hours to reach full charge. When you plug the charger in, the device will flash Green then Red, then Blue.
  4. The battery status is indicated by the flashing light:

Fast Blinking - Low or Dead   Slow Blinking - About 50%  No blinking = Fully charged

Packing the Chamber

When packing you can choose to grind or hand-tear your herb. We recommend hand-tearing for the best flavor. When using a grinder (Thickest Vapor):

  1. Use a grinder to grind your herb.
  2. Remove the cooling unit and place ground herb in the chamber. The mighty works best when the herb chamber is full and slightly packed down.
  3. Replace the Cooling Unit. 

When Hand-tearing (Best Flavor):

  1. Find or break off a piece of bud about the size of the chamber. Tear the bud into 4 small, even pieces. This allows hot air to move through and around the buds.
  2. Remove the cooling unit and arrange the pieces in a square/circle.
  3. Push them into the chamber. Make sure to put slightly hard so the bud is secure and tightly packed in but air can still flow around the bud pieces.
  4. Replace the cooling unit

Turning on the Crafty+

  1. To turn on the unit, press the power button once. It will automatically begin heating indicated by a red light.
  2. To turn off the unit, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds. The device will vibrate and turn off.
  3. When the power light reaches green, the device is at temperature. The Crafty+ is preset at 356 f out of the box and that temperature can be changed via the Bluetooth App.
  4. To activate Boost Mode, press the power button 2 times rapidly. The device will vibrate and the oven will increase the temperature to 383 F.
  5. To finish off a session, Super Boost can be activated by pressing the power button 3 times rapidly. This will increase the temperature of the oven to 410 f.

Cleaning the Crafty

There are regular maintenance practices that will keep your Crafty running cleaner for longer:

  1. Clean the cooling unit regularly. A dirty cooling unit makes the device harder to use. Follow this link to learn from Storz & Bickel to learn how to clean your cooling unit (The process for the cleaning the Crafty+ and Mighty cooling units are the same): Cleaning Your Cooling Unit
  2. Use the included brush to brush out the chamber and screens completely after every use

Pro Tips:

  • Use the hand-tearing method. Even though grinding is recommended we find from experience that hand tearing your bud preserves your terpenes and makes the session last longer.
  • Use a q-tip to wipe residue out of the cooling unit between sessions. If you don’t like cleaning your pieces often, simply wiping the residue from inside the cooling unit after a session will reduce overall buildup and cleaning sessions.
  • Place a little bit of concentrate on top of your bud instead of using the concentrate pad. A properly packed chamber will act as the concentrate pad so you can enjoy both worlds at once.
  • Make sure to not leave the silicone bands in alcohol for more than a few seconds. Though the video says an hour, the bands will break down if left for longer than a minute.

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