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Top 10 Comedy Podcasts

  • by Brandon Franklin

The Church of What's Happening Now

Joey Diaz sets sail into the deep murky waters of the abyss. Guests from all walks of life, including family and friends, make appearances. It feels like you're hanging out with your uncle that bought you papers when you were 12 and didn't tell your parents!  



Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan, the king of podcastville! Nothing more to say here, the most prolific podcast on Earth, any topic Joe will touch it.



The Honey Dew

Ryan Sickler gets the best out of his guests by being a genuine person and asking questions to his guests with a true desire to learn more. Definitely more an interview-style podcast, but man you'll learn a lot about the guests and Ryan himself in just a couple of hours.



Your Mom's House

Tom Segura and Christina P are the premier power couple in the comedy game. Their podcast is always hilarious and often gross! Tom and Christina have a great slew of guests, but can also make you die laughing with their own banter and bickering.



Two Bears One Cave

Tom & Bert Kreisher team up for a podcast that is funny as hell. Tom is great at giving structure to a podcast and Bert, well he's one of the funniest humans on Earth when coming off the cuff.



Bill Bert Podcast

Bert is featured here again, but with the comedy game's pound for pound GOAT. Bill Burr and Bert have incredible banter, often see things differently, but always enjoy a cigar and a stiff drink. They'll keep you howling, definitely a great one for the 'hanging with your buddies' vibe.



This Past Weekend - With Theo Von

Theo Von is like your favorite cousin from Louisianna...that drank too much paint as a kid. He's likable and unintentionally one of the funniest people in the comedy game. He's all heart, no pretense and it makes his shows a joy to watch. He has the ability to make people feel very comfortable and brings out the best in his guests.



Ice House Chronicles

This is an oldie but goodie. Ice House Chronicles features the best comics from the early 2010s. You'll see some that have passed away in recent years and others that are still thriving. It's an amazing look at comedians in a room spitballing about life and making fun of just about anything you can think of. This is definitely a favorite!



Dr. Drew After Dark

Dr. Drew is the TV doctor we all love and his podcast features great guests that go deep into their psyche with the good doctor with often hilarious and profound results.



Whiskey Ginger

He's a ginger and there's whiskey! One of the funniest new podcasts with the up and coming Andrew Santino.

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