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Top 10 Best Stand Up Bits

  • by Brandon Franklin

Joe Rogan - Get to Know Joe in 6 Jokes

We love Joe and we know you love him too. Check out this great video that breaks down 6 of his most iconic jokes!



Joey Diaz - Socially Unacceptable

The wholes special can be viewed here! It's so fucking funny, Joey is the Godfather of Reefer and we love him to death cocksuckas! 



Bill Burr - White Guilt

No one does psychotic anger as good as Bill Burr! Taking the attitude of Carlin and filtering it through his own demented mind. A great bit! 



Bert Kreisher - I Am the Machine

Legendary Florida bred partier goes to Russia with his college class and insanity ensues with the Russian mafia. An iconic story!  



Tom Segura - Steven Segal

Make sure you have a diaper or towel under you when you watch this one, Tom goes full savage mode on the Hollywood actor turned cop. Tom gives zero fucks, actually he might be in the negatives, like negative 1,000 fucks.  



Big Jay Oakerson - Let Us Be Men Again

Big Jay says what's on his mind, for better or worse! In this hilarious clip he makes a plea to women across the world to let the boys be boys! 



Doug Benson - Party Etiquette

Doug Benson is a legendary toker and apparently has great tips on how to stay cool in social situations. He's fucked in the head and we love it! 



George Carlin - List of People Who Ought to be Killed

George Carlin has a list and he's not checking it twice, he's gonna fire away in a 20-minute tirade that will have you pissing your britches bitches!



Bill Hicks - It's Just a Ride

In under 3 minutes, Bill Hicks breaks down what life is really about.  



Dave Chappelle - Care Bear Stare

Dave talks about a lesson learned from watching a great animated series from the 80's!


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