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Gettin' Learn't on Water Pipes

  • by Brandon Franklin

How-to-Water-Pipe ... Yorkie!

  1. Fill your water pipe with water so that any percs in the piece are covered by about 1-2 inches of water. Some pieces need more due to how the water moves in the piece.
  2. Test the water level by pulling air through the water pipe. If the water reaches your mouth, empty some out. If the water does not bubble or bubbles weakly, more water should be added. Test different levels and find what feels best. It’s always feeling based.
  3. Grind up bud in a grinder or hand tear it. 
  4. Place the bud into the slide/bowl and pack it so it is tight but also so air can get through. 
  5. Place the slide in or on the downstem.
  6. Use a lighter to light the bud in the bowl while inhaling through the mouthpiece on the water pipe. Pull steadily so the water bubbles consistently and smoke fills the water pipe.
  7. To clear the chamber, Pull out the slide out of the downstem and inhale quickly. All the smoke should rush through the chamber and the water should bubble even more.
  8. Replace the bowl when finished clearing the chamber and repeat these steps until satisfied

... Sholtzy!

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