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Freshly Baked Official - Top 10 NES Games to Play While Baked!

  • by Joseph DeStefano


Monster Party - This is a weird fucking game, just take a look.  However, it's a ton of fun and will fuck with your mind heavy when you're in the right state of consciousness.


Crystalis - This game is like a little bit of Legend of Zelda mixed with some Final Fantasy... It's futuristic, but has a medieval charm.  Long story short, you gear up and quest in a huge open world and save the fucking day from a lunatic computer gone amok.   Sound familiar??  Looking at you, Lorsh! 


Blaster Master - You're a kid that lost his frog, turns out your frog is a bad ass and you're in for the ride of your life.   Taking place in both a side scrolling world as well as top down, this game gives you a lot of different game play mechanics and a bizarre story that you'll never forget.  Plus, blowing shit up is fucking cool.


Bucky O'Hare - This is a zany action/adventure game where you take control of a rabbit that is also a space captain or some shit.   Look, you gotta be high out your ever loving mind to understand what's going on here as far as story.  It's based on a comic book, so it pulls a lot from that lore...However, If you're not privy to that information, it just seems like a bunch of weird shit...Which, as a stoner, is what I'm looking for playa.


Taboo - The Sixth Sense - If you ever wanted to have your NES read your fortune or Tarot Cards, well now it can.   This is far beyond weird, but you can definitely freak yourself out, as well as your friends with this one.  Sometimes it hits on some deep shit that will just fuck your whole night up.


Wall Street Kid - If you've ever wanted to be a baller and shot caller in the stock market, well you can do it here with zero risk!   This game is a funny RPG that really dunks your head into the silly juice.   Do not take this game too seriously like me and divest all your funds into soy futures, needless to say, I'm fucked!


Pinball Quest - It's an RPG where you play pinball to level up.  Yeah, it's got a story, yeah it's super fucking weird.  It's everywhere you want to be!


Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - This continuation of the Zelda series is near and dear to our hearts.  It took the overhead world and made it more of a RPG map, then the side scrolling action happens.  This game is hard as fuck.  There's no way around it.  You can be an epic gamer, you're still going to eat a 24k jewel encrusted bowl of shit playing this for the first time.   However, when you're baked, it's a fun, but frustrating adventure that opens up new areas and new ideas... I am Error!  Did you get that?  If not you didn't play asshat!


Chiller - This is a fucking freaky game, but If you're into dark shit and got some steel nerves, this will serve up a really sick, but unique experience.  Play at your own risk you sick fuck!


Parodius  - This is the funniest fucking game, it's a spoof on vertical shooters and you'll piss your pants.  It was created long before Cuphead and other funny games, so it's truly special.  You can see how this title touched so many others that came later.   At the end of the day, it's the easiest game on the list to pick up and play and it's funny as fuck.  You're winner!


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